Day 1 with Trunk

Not sure what to do first with Trunk? Read on!

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Thanks for signing up with Trunk!

Not sure what to do first? The first thing should be connecting your Sales Channels.

Connecting your Sales Channels

Sales Channels represent each of your stores on each platform you sell on. So if you sell on Shopify, Etsy, and eBay, then each of them would be a sales channel. And if you have 2 stores on Shopify, for example, each of them would be its own sales channel.

For your first sales channel, we recommend adding the one that has the most accurate stock levels. Click Sales channels on the top navigation, then Add to add a new sales channel, and finally choose a platform.

The Sales channels section in Trunk and the Add button.

You'll be asked to connect your selling platform account to Trunk. Once you authorize that, be sure to pay close attention to the other settings. We recommend leaving all the settings at their defaults if you're looking to sync your inventories.

Then click Activate to finish adding your sales channel. Trunk will then begin fetching your listings and building its own inventory from them. If you have a large number of listings, give it some time for everything to import. You can check on the progress of what's been imported so far by clicking on Listings in the top navigation.

Checking your Inventory

You'll see that any listing that has a SKU will also link itself to the inventory that Trunk has built. Clicking on Inventory in the top navigation will take you there. Ensure listings on each sales channel share the same SKU to have them be linked to each other. You can also read what's required to have them link.

After you've added your first sales channel, wait for Trunk to finish building its inventory from the imported listings. Once that's done, you can then add your other sales channels.

And that’s it! Trunk will sync automatically and in real-time your stock levels between your sales channels. You can also test it by manually changing a listing’s stock quantity on the platform's website (e.g. Shopify) and see the updates propagate.

If you're also looking to do bundles/kitting, you should definitely check out this article!

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