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How is orders per month calculated?
How is orders per month calculated?
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The orders per month metric used for pricing is a rolling 3-month average in order to address seasonal variability with order volume. It is calculated as an average over the last 3 months across all your sales channels. 

For example, if you did:

  • 60 orders the first month

  • 75 orders the second month

  • 160 orders the third month

This would still put you in the 0 -100 orders per month tier since the average for the past 3 months would still be 98.

However, if you were to do another 160 orders the fourth month, this would then put you in the 100 - 199 tier and you would be billed for that the next month. 

We monitor these stats automatically so there's nothing you need to do on your part!

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