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Bulk importing bundles and kits
Bulk importing bundles and kits
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If you have lots of bundles and kits to create, we can bulk import them if you can supply a CSV or Excel file that follows the format below. Note that the SKUs correspond to the lowest level (e.g. if there are variants, then the SKU would be for the variant).

During the import:

  • If a Bundle SKU doesn't exist, then no components will be created for it. If a Component SKU doesn't exist, then it won't be added as a component to the bundle

  • If a Bundle SKUComponent SKU combination already exists, it will be ignored

  • SKUs are not case sensitive–handlebar and HaNdLeBaR will still match HANDLEBAR

  • You don't have to match the header name exactly–Bundle SKU can instead be titled as Assembly SKU. The only thing that matters is how it's ordered!

Heads up! Your Bundle SKU stock levels may change after the import since Trunk will automatically make adjustments depending on what the Component SKU stock levels are

Once you have your file ready, you will need send it over to us via support. Unfortunately there's no way to upload a CSV yourself at the moment but we hope to introduce a self-serve option in the future.

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