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Bundling and kitting
Example: Material component dependencies
Example: Material component dependencies
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Bundling and kitting is a Pro plan feature. You already have access to this feature if you're on a trial

Trunk can automatically calculate the quantity of your products based on how much material you have on hand to make them. These materials don't need to exist on your sales channels–they can be internal and just exist within Trunk.

To demonstrate, we have an assembled bike product that's listed on both Shopify and Etsy. We also have individual seats and wheels.

With how things are now, we risk running into overselling bikes if for instance we sell too many individual seats and forget to properly adjust our bike's stock level.

Trunk can automate this! First, make sure you're in the inventory section. Let's add the seat and wheels as components to the bike by clicking the dots to open the dropdown and then clicking Edit.

Then search for the seat and wheel to add them as components.

If you're not able to see a way to add components, it's probably because you're editing a parent and not a variant. You'll want to expand the parent and then edit the intended variant instead

Make sure we properly set the quantity for each component. Remember, our bike has two wheels!

Once we click Save, our bike's stock level will automatically adjust based how many wheels and seats there are available. The stock level of bikes is limited by the amount of wheels we have so the bike's stock level is now 30 because there are only 60 wheels.

Note that the stock levels are automatically synced to Etsy and Shopify. Now if the wheel or seat stock levels change, the bike's stock level will also automatically adjust!

Let's say now we want our same bike to depend on a frame which isn't listed and doesn't exist in our inventory yet. We can simply create the frame within our inventory...

...then add the frame as an additional component to our bike.

This will then adjust our bike's stock level to 10 because now we are limited by our frames. If we ever get new frames in the future, we can simply adjust their stock level within Trunk which will then automatically adjust our bike's stock level. Sweet!

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