When Trunk builds its own inventory from your listings, it carries over the names and groups them based on how they are organized within that sales channel. Over time as other listings become linked and unlinked, product names can eventually drift away from the listing's name that it was initially built from. Similarly, groupings can also appear random if you have linked listings grouped one way within a sales channel and grouped another way on a different one. Rest assured however that this is just a cosmetic and organizational issue! The products in your inventory are entirely separate from your listings and this will not affect syncing since it only goes by matching SKUs.

Fixing the naming issue

You can name your products anything you want while still allowing your listings to have different info–the only thing that connects them is the SKU. If you find that a product's name is no longer accurate, you can click on the ellipsis (three dots) > Edit and rename them to something of your choosing. We recommend choosing a name that is a simple description of your product without all the marketing speak that you would normally have for your listings.

Fixing the grouping issue

You can organize your products however you want and not have it affect your listings–the only thing that connects them is the SKU. We hope to add more inventory management features to give you the ability to group variants differently on your own. In the meantime, we offer a way to re-organize your inventory based on a CSV file or the nuclear option in which we can destroy your inventory and rebuild it based on a sales channel of your choosing. Feel free to reach out to us over support if this is something you'd like to do.

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