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Bulk re-organizing your inventory
Bulk re-organizing your inventory
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As you're probably aware by now, your inventory can become quite disorganized depending on certain circumstances.

As we work on implementing a way to re-organize your inventory within the interface, there is a way to bulk re-organize your inventory via a CSV file!

If you're going to be doing a lot of re-organizing, we can make it easier by providing you with a full export of your inventory. Just reach out to support and we can provide this for you!

For example, if your inventory looked like this:

then the CSV file we export for you would look like:

You can either work with this export we've given you or you can start from scratch if you're just re-arranging a few SKUs!

Here's how the import will work:

  • Only the SKUs contained in the CSV will be re-arranged based on the hiearchy. Any SKUs not in the CSV won't be touched

  • If the SKU doesn't exist in your inventory, it will be ignored

  • If the "Variant" column is left blank, then the variant name will not be touched otherwise it will be renamed to whatever it is in the column

  • SKUs are not case sensitive–shirt-1 and sHiRt-1 will still match SHIRT-1

  • You don't have to match the header name exactly–"Parent" can instead be titled as "Product". The only thing that matters is how the columns are positioned!

  • The sorting order of variants will still be arbitrary and cannot yet be controlled by this CSV

For this example, let's modify the CSV export provided above and turn it into something like this:

and here's what the inventory will look like once you send it over to us to import:

Note that re-organizing your inventory is for cosmetic purposes only and won't affect how things are synced.

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