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Creating bundles and kits
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โ— Bundling and kitting is a Pro plan feature. If you're on a trial, this feature has already been enabled for you

Trunk has the ability to enable products within your centralized inventory to be dependent on each other while still keeping them synced in real-time with your sales channel listings. Here are some examples demonstrated:ย 

  • Auto-adjust quantity packs - In this example, we'll have single bottle openers as well as those that come in packs of 3 and 10. With Trunk's bundling and kitting feature, you can create configurations so that selling a single bottle opener will also adjust your packs of 3 and 10, and vice-versa

  • Material component dependencies - In this example, we'll have an assembled bicycle product which are made up of components like the wheels, seat, and frame. With Trunk's bundling and kitting feature, your bicycle product will always have accurate stock levels based on how many that can be assembled from its components

  • Keeping shirts synced across different styles - In this example, we have different shirt styles that need to depend on the same shirt. With Trunk's bundling and kitting, you can have all shirt styles pull from the same stock.

There's no limit to how many components a product can have. The sky's the limit! If you've got lots of bundles and kits to create, we can also help you bulk import them.

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