Bundling and kitting is a Pro plan feature. You already have access to this feature if you're on a trial

A common scenario is having blank shirts that can be made into any SKU. With Trunk, you can keep them all in sync and have it depend on how many blank shirts you have in stock.

The easiest way to do this is by giving them all the same SKU since Trunk can keep duplicate SKUs synced. If you're not able to do this, you can use the bundling and kitting feature instead so that all shirt styles can depend on the same blank shirt.

For example, say this is your inventory within Trunk and we use the same blank medium shirt for all the medium shirt styles:

First, let's create a blank medium shirt within the inventory section:

Once that's in, we also want to adjust its quantity to the actual stock of medium shirts that are in stock:

Now add the medium blank shirt as a component to each medium shirt stylet. To do that, bring down the dropdown menu and click Edit for each SKU:

Search for the medium blank shirt we just created and add it as a component:

Hit Save. That's it for this SKU! Now do it again for the other medium shirt styles. You'll notice now that all the medium shirt styles have now had their stock adjusted based on the blank medium shirt:

Going forward, you can adjust the stock of the medium blank shirt we just created and it'll sync all the other medium shirt styles in real-time. Likewise, if one of the medium shirt styles sells, all the other medium shirt styles will also adjust accordingly.

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