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Example: Auto-adjust quantity packs
Example: Auto-adjust quantity packs
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โ— Bundling and kitting is a Pro plan feature. You already have access to this feature if you're on a trial

A common use case is to keep quantities in sync across various packs you sell. To demonstrate, here we have single bottle openers as well as bundled bottle openers. The bundled bottle openers (10-Pack and 3-Pack) should have a lot more in-stock based on the number of single bottle openers we have. So let's make the bottle opener packs be dependent on single bottle openers!

This example can still apply to you even if you don't sell singles. Instead, you will need to create a product within Trunk's inventory to represent your singles which is demonstrated in the material components example.

Within the inventory section, click the three dots at the end of the row to bring up the context menu and then choose Edit

Add the bottle opener as a component to have this bundle depend on it. We can search for it by name or SKU!

There it is! Click the + button to add it as a component. We'll then need to specify the quantity. In this case, it would be 10 since it's a 10-Pack so there should be 10 single bottle openers within this bundle.

Now click Save. The bundle's stock level will then be initially overridden based on how many of the single bottle openers there are.

From now on, anytime the single bottle opener stock level changes, the 10-pack stock level will automatically re-calculate (and push out to any synced listings as well). Likewise, anytime the 10-pack stock level changes, the single bottle opener level stock level will also adjust. Don't forget to do this for our 3-pack!

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