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Example: Syncing between SKUs that don't match
Example: Syncing between SKUs that don't match
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โ— Bundling and kitting is a Pro plan feature. You already have access to this feature if you're on a trial

Trunk can keep all matching SKUs synced with each other by default. However, there are some circumstances where you can't match SKUs but still want to keep them synced with each other. You can do this with our bundling and kitting feature.

Here's an example to demonstrate with:

Let's say we want to have ABC, DEF, and GHI synced with each other even though these SKUs don't match. Essentially what we need to do is make ABC a component of DEF and GHI. We start off by editing DEF:

Next we need to search for ABC to add as a component to DEF:

Now we want to save it so that DEF depends on 1x of ABC:

We're done with DEF. Now let's repeat it for GHI:

That's it! Trunk should have already adjusted everything to be in sync with each other:

What will happen now is if GHI sells, then DEF and ABC will also decrement. If DEF changes stock, then so will ABC and GHI as if all their SKUs were matching.

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